2016-2017 Testimonials from Parents and Students:

From 2017 graduating seniors:  I will never forget the appreciation for music you’ve instilled in me.  You are an unsung hero in so many people’s lives.  If I can bring half the passion to life that you do to teaching piano,the world will be a brighter place!

Thank you so much for your piano expertise and friendship over the last ten years.  I cannot express how much our time together has meant to me.  Because of you, I have learned both the piano and many life lessons.

All these years have truly meant so much to me.  I count you as a trusted friend.  Your teaching and support have been the best part of these past years!

From Midsummer Adult Piano Retreat students; summer 2017

My private lessons with you inspire me throughout the year.  Your kindness, warmth and generosity set a beautiful tone for all of us and your lively intelligence keeps us on our toes!

Thank you for your coaching, music mentoring and all you do so often.

You have such a gift for teaching and your enthusiasm for music is infectious!

From an college essay by a former student:

I’ve never met such an inspiring and passionate woman in my entire life.  Learning the piano has so many benefits, and I am forever grateful to have had music as a creative outlet when, at times, I’m feeling lost.  Alison has had such an impact on my life and I’ll continue to share her story with anyone who is craving some inspiration.

From a parent of a high school student at the end of 2016-2017 year:

This has been such an amazing year for my daughter, and for her dad and me to see her love of music and her skill set flourish.  She has experienced such growth under your direction.  Thanks for always maximizing the lesson time and for putting boundless amounts of energy into every breath and every minute.  

Testimonials from the Archives:

From the parent of a 2016 graduating senior: I don’t know where to begin to thank you for everything you have given my son – your time, your encouragement, your patience, your passion.  You have nurtured a love and appreciation of music that will only grow throughout his lifetime.  You have helped him to learn some of life’s most valuable lessons – hard work is necessary; perseverance and practice will get you far; nothing in life is free; when you fail, pick yourself up and commit to success the next time; appreciate the beauty in life; and, nothing is more life-sustaining than friendship.  Your gift of friendship was so important in his life.

From 2016 graduating seniors: I really can’t express my sadness at the fact that our piano lessons are over.  I’m shocked that we’ve had TEN great years of playing and learning.  (I’m further shocked that you managed to survive me for so long.)  I think senior year was our best year.  My musical ability was the best it’s been, but also, piano lessons were a stable and steadfast pillar of my life during this year of unchecked chaos and tumult.  Thank you for being both the best and longest-running teacher I’ve had.

I cannot wait to dive into Beethoven.  He will definitely be coming to college with me!  Thank you for always supporting me and being a friend.  I will never forget our eventful lessons or my love for music!

You’ve been not only my piano teacher for the past ten straight years, but you’ve also been such an amazing influence in my life.  You are someone I will never forget, someone who will stay with me as the woman who introduced me to so many different worlds of music and who taught me how to appreciate and play them.  Music has helped me so much thus far, and I have you to thank.

From a current student, high school sophomore: I feel like my playing has taken a great leap forward this year.  I am so grateful to be one of your students!!

From a current student, high school freshman: Thank you for teaching me piano.  It is my favorite instrument, and a great skill that I am proud to have, knowing how to play so well.  I like being able to listen to a song and have the ability to just dissect it and learn how to play it myself.  And I don’t think I would be able to do that without your teaching and guidance.  Thank you for being so supportive of me and my musical talents.

From a former student now entering medical school: I really appreciate all the support and guidance you have provided me over the past several years. You have always been a tremendous role model for me and continue to inspire me to strive for greatness in all that I do.

From a current student upon her induction into National Honor Society: I wanted to recognize you for everything you have done for me.  You have been an amazing guiding adult figure in my life and I will never forget the lessons you’ve taught me about hard work, believing in myself, and well…music!  Your dedication and passion cannot be matched.

From a parent of a high school sophomore: Words cannot express how thankful I am that we found you for our piano teacher.  Our son absolutely loves you and has learned so much!  You are a gift to the music world and to our children.

Prior to 2015:

From a 2015 graduating senior: Thank you for years of wisdom and musical guidance.  You’ve truly been an incredible friend and mentor!

From a former student, now a music teacher: I had the incredible opportunity to study piano with Alison Barr for 10 years. Her passion and energy for music and teaching is inspiring to all of her students. She is one of the most kind and genuine people I know. Alison has been one of my greatest influences to enter the music education field. Her guidance and knowledge she instilled in me continue to influence my own teaching every year. I am proud to call Alison my mentor and friend!

From a parent: Alison Barr has taught both of my children from an early age, and I can honestly say that her teaching has been a privilege for us. She possesses all of the qualities one could ever hope for in a piano teacher. She is brilliant, dynamic, engaging, inspiring, encouraging, and committed to her role as teacher and mentor. Not only does she work with her students to build a technically solid foundation in the early stages of a student’s development, but she also helps elevate her students to an artistically high level as they advance in their musical studies. In the process, her students develop into musicians who truly enjoy and appreciate the art of music. She is unique because she offers far more than just piano lessons. She motivates and inspires her students to express themselves through their music. The proof of her teaching gifts is in her students whom I have enjoyed watching over the years develop into beautiful musicians. I highly recommend Alison for a piano student at any level.

From two current students, grades 10 and 11: Mrs. Barr is an experienced piano teacher whose vast musical background enables her to teach all genres, styles and methods, as well as music history and vocabulary. She is a kind and understanding person, but still teaches her pupils advanced materials and expects more than most teachers dare to expect.

You have always been an amazing teacher who has made piano easy and fun to learn. Not only do you take the time to be a stellar teacher, but also a great friend who I am always happy to see.

From a parent: You have been such an important part of my children’s early years and have given them a musical foundation to last a lifetime.

From a parent who is also a student: I absolutely see the presence of a higher inspiration in you, in all that you do and all that you are. I am grateful that my children and I are around you and learning from you all the time.